The Benefits of Coaching

  • Accelerated Learning

    Personally working with me will accelerate your learning and mastery of Deliberate Creation. Enabling you to manifest more wonderful in your life sooner!

  • Specific to Your Situation

    Personally working with me will help you apply the practices of Deliberate Creation to your specific life circumstances. Getting you to your goals faster!

  • Accountability

    Personally working with me will make it easier for you to stay focused and on track. Enabling you to manifest your desires and dreams sooner!

I look forward to working with you,

- Jeff 

Your Coaching Entitlement

Here's what an Academy Early Access membership entitles you to.

  • In-Lesson Q & A and Live Group Q & A plus...

  • One FREE 30-min private coaching session per month.

  • Additional private 30-min coaching sessions for $20 each.

The Coaching Appointment Process

Here's the process of making a coaching appointment from start to finish.

  • I'll email you a FREE coaching session booking link once a month.

  • To purchase additional coaching sessions click the "Book Now" button on this page.

  • Here are the steps of the booking process...

  • Step #1 - Pick a date and time.

  • Step #2 - Enter your payment info (or not if it's free).

  • Step #3 - Receive a confirmation and reminder email.

  • Step #4 - Join me in our online meeting room.

Accelerate Your Success!

Let me help you with learning and mastering Deliberate Creation and applying it to your specific life circumstances.

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