Create More Wonderful in Your Life!

Master Your Creatorship!

The Deliberate Creator Academy's  comprehensive set of courses, libraries, and personal support do just that — help you learn and master the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation and apply it to your life to create more wonderful and soar towards the fulfillment of your dreams! 

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- Jeff

Master Your Creatorship!

You're creating your reality with your thoughts, beliefs, and more. Do you know the rules of the game? Become a Deliberate Creator in training!

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Academy Features & Benefits

Instructional Videos

Comprehensive sets of instructional videos intelligently organized into courses and libraries with thoughtful learning progressions.   

Real-World Examples

Plenty of down-to-earth practical real-world examples from my own experience to illustrate principles and practices of deliberate creation.


After each lesson, you can take a quiz to test and reinforce your understanding of the key points of the lesson. In addition, in the wrap-up of each course, there is a comprehensive quiz to test your understanding of everything you learned in the course and to serve as a valuable review of the key points.

Related Topics

Every lesson includes notes and links pointing you to related and supporting topics and lessons so that you can easily tie everything together.

Personal Support

Although the Mastering Deliberate Creation program is designed for you to take on your own and at your own pace, I'm always available for questions and answers.

Lesson Questions & Answers

Each lesson has a questions and answers section where you can ask any questions you might have about the topics covered in the lesson, which I will answer promptly. And you'll get automatically notified when I do.

General Questions & Answers

In addition to the per-lesson Q & A, you can always contact me to ask your general questions by visiting the Q & A page.

Weekly LIVE Online Q & A

For those that prefer more interactive face-to-face real-time answers, you can attend the LIVE online Q & A sessions that I run weekly. Learn more

One-on-One Coaching

And for those that need extra help, I offer one-on-one coaching to all Academy members. If you need help to refine your understanding or to help you applying Deliberate Creation to your specific life circumstances and goals and objectives, then this could be for you. Learn more

Comprehensive Courses & Support

The Academy offers one of the most comprehensive programs for learning and mastering the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation available anywhere.

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Academy Courses & Libraries

The Academy offers a comprehensive collection of courses and libraries for learning and mastering the Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation!

  • 3 Courses focused on fundamental principles and practices.

  • 4 Libraries that complement and amplify the above 3 courses.

  • 4 Upcoming courses laser focused on manifesting health, wealth, and your dreams!

Why I Created the Academy


I hope to see you in the Academy,

- Jeff